Custom Equine Portraits

I am pleased to announce the newest available product offered: custom and unique equine portraits. These are created to your
specification, whether they are of both you and your horse, a head shot of your horse or of another loved pet you can make these truly
your own. Digitally painted and printed on the highest quality product, these are both quicker, easier to adjust and more cost effective
than other traditional mediums. 

Alexandria Falk, 2017

Alexandria Falk, 2017

Traditional Action

A traditional portrait of horse and rider. These are created from an "action shot" of your horse, details can be altered, such as pinned ears, chewing on the bit or other small details and painted to your specification. 

Gilly Davis and VS Red Solo

Gilly Davis and VS Red Solo

Rider and Horse Portrait

A still photo capturing the connection between horse and rider. These include detailed portraits of both owner and horse and can be created from individual images of each, arranged, drawn and then approved by you. After the composition is approved these are then painted and delivered to your home.  


The Classic Portrait

These are beautiful and often my favorite to work on as they seek to capture the individual personality and beauty of each horse and creature. These are most commonly equines but I have also worked to capture the special energy of other pets as well. 


For More Information

These custom works of art are available to you at an affordable rate. These rates and fees are provided upon request and are effected by the material, size and number of subjects in a work. For example a large canvas featuring a rider and four horses will cost more than a photo rag print with less subjects. These portraits can be shipped across the United States and the UK. Most portraits require a month to complete, but you may be quoted an extended period due to the number of portraits requested ahead of you. However, the time quoted upfront to you will be honored unless for extenuating circumstance which you will be alerted to and compensated for.